Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How to Dye Dark hair at home? Hair Dying home remedies

Dyeing hair which is already on the darker side can often be a problem. And then comes the option to bleach, which in turn is a process which drains out the moisture of your hair. Bleaching is all the more damaging over dying it. For dye dark hair, there has to be an application of bleach and other such chemicals to lighten your hair. Obviously, colors like blonde will not look so cool on already black dark hair! So here is how you learn lighten hair without chemicals but still get your hair dyed.

You should have Following things to Dye Dark hair
·         Lemon juic
·         Hair dye
·         Honey

1.    Go for hair dyes which are meant for dark hair. Once you go to the respective store, you will find a selection of hair colors meant for dark hair.
2.    Instead of using those chemicals and spoiling your hair, you should go for natural lighteners which do not cause any kind of harm. Spray a little bit of lemon juice (around half glass of water and half lemon) followed by blow dry or some sun. Let it be for 10 minutes and then add up a little honey may be. You need to let it stay for around 4 to 5 hours.
3.    Once you feel that the color has lightened substantially, you can proceed with applying the dye. For blond, it is not a compulsion, and in fact a few more colors do not need the lightening effect at all!
4.    Give the dye some time to settle down as prescribed on the box of dye color.
5.    Now, it is time to wash off your dye mixture. The water should not be too hot, but lukewarm water. The most important thing that we all should keep in mind is to keep our eyes safe from the color, as it won’t only damage the eyes, but also make eyebrows go white. Washing the hair dye is one aspect, but finishing the wash with a conditioner is another as the dye makes the hair loose their moisture. The conditioner does the trick for the hair to gain back the lost moisture.

6.    Dry the newly colored hair and get ready to flaunt them by taking new selfies.  
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